Sam Claflin is on the cover of the October issue of Men Health’s bi annual suplement Urban Active. I have added to the gallery outtakes from the photoshoot for the magazine, and you can read bellow the transcript of the interview. Heads up to Sam Claflin Fans for posting the transcript!

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Post-apocalyptic life looks remarkably mundane to 29-year-old Sam Claflin. “I just got back from my parents’ place in Norfolk”, says the Brit actor. “Waking up to the bin men driving up the street kind of puts it all into perspective.”

Perspective is useful when you’re coming off the back of a dystopian pop-culture phenomenon like The Hunger Games, in which Claflin plays trident-wielding tribute Finnick Odair. The final instalment – Mockingjay Part 2 – hits cinemas in November. In case you’ve mistakenly written it off as Twilight-lite, the series of young adult novels turned film franchise combines a surprisingly sharp critique of social inequality and reality TV with surprisingly sharp weapons, as subjugated teenagers from poor districts are forced by their metropolitan overlords to fight to the death, Battle Royale-style, in the name of Saturday-night entertainment.

The cast is also unexpectedly heavyweight: Jennifer Lawrence, Woody Harrelson, Phillip Seymour Hoffman…and, or course, Norfolk’s own Sam Claflin. It’s fair to say he’s now in a different league. “It’s been an incredible springboard for my career”, he says, “It’s allowed me to walk into rooms that I couldn’t before. It’s definitely opened many doors. Many windows too”. Ones presumably marked ‘Hollywood leading men only’.